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Перевод слова

Перевод: gaslight speek gaslight

газовая лампа; газовое освещение


  1. The gaslight had been turned down low but he could make out Rachel standing at the foot of his bed in her dressing-gown.
  2. She walked hastily from him and into the store-room, and he followed her, and they were just about to confront each other again when the back door leading into the yard opened and there, revealed in the gaslight, was Jessie.
  3. Poised as it is, midway between the University cities, and on the main line to London, with the M.1. only a few miles away, Wolverton seems like something out of Fanny by Gaslight .
  4. She got down on hands and knees to sweep away crumbs, and in the gaslight she looked paler than ever.
  5. The age of gaslight, I think you called it.
  6. It dates back to 1863, to a Victorian London of slums, of gaslight, of the powerless and the poor.
  7. Cinema - the Hyde Park Cinema (0532 752045) is independent and lit by gaslight.
  8. Her call sign was Gaslight Lil and his was Popeye.
  9. Dinah learnt the lines, was laced into the vulgar striped dress the part required, which had stains under the arms from the young lady off sick, was heavily rouged and had her eyebrows blackened, and walked on to the boards to the flare of gaslight and the outline of gentlemen in bowler hats they had not troubled to remove, refreshing themselves at the bar which stood at the back of the theatre.
  10. He danced with his stick, planting it firmly on the ground and shuffling round and round it, hunching his shoulders and swaying in the gaslight like a man possessed.
  11. In the gaslight her blue eyes flashed, and her anger only increased his need of her.
  12. To Billy's relief, the large back area of the "Sally" was partly illuminated by a shaft of golden gaslight showing through the half open back door.
  13. A year after our idle talk at Windrush, Judith Evelyn was in New York rehearsing her leading lines for Patrick Campbell's great play "Gaslight", in which she starred on Broadway from December, 1941 (the same week as Pearl Harbour) for the next two years, and made a lasting name for herself in the American theatre.

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