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Перевод слова

Перевод: gag speek gag

затычка ; пробка ; кляп ; заглушка ; роторасширитель ; прекращение прений; отсебятина [театр.] ; шутка ; острота ; хохма ; вставной комический номер; обман ; мистификация ;
вставлять кляп; затыкать рот; заставить замолчать; не давать говорить; применять роторасширитель; давиться; править (рельсы); вставлять отсебятину; хохмить; обманывать; мистифицировать


  1. We offer four 5 book vouchers to readers who come up with the wittiest gag about scientists and engineers.
  2. A large hand smacked into his mouth and although he bit at it the thumb was forced like a gag between his teeth.
  3. Under a virtual gag order thanks to Intel marketing, P5 architect Don Alpert couldn't answer questions substantively.
  4. Pithy gag competition
  5. On top of the gag, he forced into the trooper's mouth the trooper's own filthy handkerchief.
  6. I set about building up an act with the aid of Rag magazines, joke-books, a gag nicked from here, a gag nicked from there and at my next engagement, four days later, I was billed as a comic and my fee went up a few quid.
  7. A few weeks, sometimes only a few days after a major disaster or tragedy - Hillsborough, Piper Alpha or Zeebrugge - there's bound to be a gag about it.
  8. In the name of keeping the community secure in a hostile world, those leaders gag dissidents, suppress what they define as "deviant" behaviour, and commandeer community resources.
  9. A husky laugh and he runs off to try out the gag on a wheel-chaired pallid little pal, recovering from a recent kidney transplant.
  10. But lead singer Bono vowed: "We won't let them gag us.
  11. They choke and gag and get red in the face.
  12. His own lawyers have tried to gag Mr De la Rosa, pending resolution of the various cases.
  13. If a toothbrush tickles or makes you gag, try the new A/Mano tongue cleanser (6.95, Harrods).

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