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Перевод слова

Перевод: fuss speek fuss

суматоха ; суета из-за пустяков; беспокойство из-за пустяков; суетливый человек, волнующийся из-за всяких пустяков; нервное состояние; возбужденное состояние;
волноваться из-за пустяков; суетиться; хороводиться; надоедать с пустяками; приставать с пустяками; ссориться; объясняться


  1. "We can't seem to win: a fuss with leaves on the line and a fuss when we deal with it."
  2. Perhaps I had made a ridiculous fuss about nothing.
  3. Not surprisingly, their performance was slack and many former friends and jealous local bands, who had charted their progress in the music press, were left wondering what all the fuss was about.
  4. By starting later and doing it gradually you get a few extra weeks without the fuss and worry of having to give solids at all.
  5. He said we owed you a favour, because of all that fuss and bother about the dog that was chasing sheep.
  6. Yet despite the pain and dyspnoea, she would fuss over me and make tea for me with her best crockery.
  7. NO FUSS.
  8. He had avoided it with all the fuss going on but wanted to see the Bookman once more before the expedition started.
  9. A public fuss about sovereignty, the government reckons, might inflame feelings even more and touch off really ugly incidents, maybe bloodshed, in an area already smarting from the harsher side of unity, collapsing firms and soaring unemployment.
  10. "I think everyone is probably making far too much fuss, and Angela has just taken off for a few days' holiday."
  11. "You remember" she would say coquettishly, "when you made that awful fuss about the trousers"
  12. Slowly the fuss subsided.
  13. He was not the type to make a fuss as some people would have done, but he was very fed up about it.

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