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Перевод слова

Перевод: fulfil speek fulfil

выполнять; исполнять; осуществлять; удовлетворять; завершать


  1. For example, if a UK company acquires goods from a Belgian supplier to fulfil an order from a German customer and the goods are sent direct from Belgium to Germany, the UK company would be required to register for German VAT and would account for tax on the acquisition in Germany and onward domestic supply of goods to the German customer.
  2. The company, now based at Weyside Park, Alton said that the additional space would help to fulfil new orders and provide a more convenient location for customers.
  3. Negative methods of responding in marking are likely to produce sterile, cumulative consequences in a child's writing: pupils quickly discern what is acceptable to the teacher and merely aim to fulfil those expectations.
  4. ROBOTS READY AND WILLING Robots fulfil many dull and tedious jobs on the production line.
  5. It was perhaps precisely because both sovereigns were well aware of the criticisms which might be made of their Court that in order to fulfil their public roles in accordance with the aims which they had set themselves, they worked to make of it a thing of great splendour.
  6. It's a case of "determined" (by causes outside our control) versus "self-determination" Are you able through your own will to fulfil yourself, to overcome your conditioning?
  7. So, having assessed the relative importance of the place and the house in which you would like to live, tables such as these should also help to assess the particular locations and houses which seem attractive, and you can then score the extent to which they fulfil your requirements.
  8. One thing America has done for Lemmy is to afford him the chance to fulfil an ambition
  9. It must, therefore, ensure that it has the means within its membership to fulfil this inescapable obligation.
  10. However, among their ranks it is universally believed that their leader - Rabbi Menachem Schneerson - will fulfil the Messianic prophecy.
  11. We can even be drawn into the need to fulfil our ideals, put forward our political ambitions, as well as the desire to see our religious beliefs accepted by others.
  12. Speaking of Tynagh he said the company had failed to fulfil the only planning obligation required of them: that they leave the place as near as possible to how they found it.
  13. Once this package is confirmed, the Board will be well placed to fulfil its present plan to complete revised standards for those standards affected by the Statement of Intent by the end of 1993.

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