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Перевод слова

Перевод: frailty speek frailty

хрупкость ; непрочность ; бренность ; моральная неустойчивость


  1. Nutty was excited at the opportunities that had opened up, and finding out Seb's all-too-human frailty inspired her to thoughts of a smashing victory.
  2. Jacob's taking advantage of his father's blindness and frailty, and his deceiving him at one of the most solemn moments of his life, are reminiscent of the shame and humiliation brought to Noah by his son Ham.
  3. You were often surprised that that same assumed frailty might result in a more human, more tolerant superior.
  4. Increased frailty may suddenly make a house or flat, lived in for years, totally unsuitable - the garden is too big to manage, upstairs bedrooms become inaccessible, or getting to the shops and other local services presents difficulties.
  5. They developed detailed training proposals (eg on mental frailty among elderly people, on dementia, on services available, on health and safety at work, on confidentiality, on employment and administrative matters, on incontinence, and on diet).
  6. Old people have been indoctrinated for so long in the necessary frailty and peripheralism of their lot that this is not surprising.
  7. Except in the private sector, rented sheltered housing is being developed increasingly for people with special difficulties, such as extreme frailty or dementia: people who really do need a refuge.
  8. This would be to outlaw general references to age in all current and future legislation where it is used to imply frailty or the need for services.
  9. Not until the spring and summer of 1989 when, for the first time, the Thatcher government showed clear signs of frailty, with electoral defeats, economic difficulties, and internal acrimony which recalled the later years of Macmillan's government in the early 1960s, did the critics begin to regain their confidence.
  10. frighten with their frailty.
  11. They felt that the press laid too great an emphasis on the frailty of older people and situations where they were in danger, rather than showing them as active members of the community.
  12. Older people are not an homogeneous group distinguished by frailty, lack of sense and dependency.
  13. In southern Africa, such regional groups will do little to counteract the internal political frailty of the countries in the area, and as a result South Africa will have plenty of opportunity to pursue malevolent policies of destabilization if it chooses to do so.

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