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Перевод слова

Перевод: fragile speek fragile

хрупкий; ломкий; недолговечный; слабый; преходящий


  1. To keep the fragile peace Hector agreed.
  2. I think this is about our physical boundaries again, as it was in Alison's story, showing how fragile the self-image of girls can be, how easily invaded by others - and also, how difficult it is to like your body if it is curvaceous, if you are naturally fleshy, fat, large-breasted or pear-shaped, as many of us are.
  3. Feeling the fragile shell of the golden ball - more delicate, even, than an egg - he was suddenly plunged back into his dream.
  4. How the hell do you jump on a Lucy, a lady, a Lucy, someone who appears fragile as glass, goes warm and soft like a trusting animal in your arms, then tough as steel with her polished NO -?
  5. Suddenly, at the base, he came into contact with a round object which felt fragile and fitted comfortably in his palm.
  6. If a conventional game can appear so fragile, how much more so does drama with its less explicit rules.
  7. Yet those who sail in fragile craft should hesitate before launching their own torpedoes.
  8. The safest course of action seemed to be to shore up the bunker and make sure I did nothing to upset the fragile eco-system that was supporting me, for however much we wanted to disguise it, I had nothing to fall back on.
  9. This is partly because he has become the man most likely to win medals in the top competitions abroad - including the World Championships in Belgrade which start on Tuesday - notwithstanding his curiously fragile physique.
  10. of others' fragile comforts.
  11. International anger and domestic turmoil threaten to reverse fragile gains made during Fujimori's 20 months in government.
  12. NEIL KINNOCK'S fragile compromise on black representation was rejected by the Labour conference yesterday, threatening to prolong the internal conflict with black activists through the run-up to the next general election.
  13. The fragile democratic institutions of Weimar were not able to survive the sense of defeat, the recession and Hitler's onslaught, and within fifteen years he was elected Chancellor.

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