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Перевод: fracture speek fracture

перелом [мед.] ; разрыв ; трещина ; надлом ; излом ; фрактура ;
ломать; сломать; вызывать перелом; надломить; раздроблять; ломаться


  1. Also may be of use in cases of non-union of a fracture.
  2. It is only two weeks since Gough came back from a multiple fracture of the cheekbone.
  3. But then England are not Manchester United, who crumbled at Portsmouth after he departed to have his fracture diagnosed.
  4. The formation break-down gradient of 0.96 obtained from the test in the interval 4460 to 4468 m compared well with the computed fracture re-opening pressure gradient 0.95 psi/ft.
  5. The computation of stress gradient is therefore made with the stress model equal to The fracture initiation pressure over the interval 2665 to 2689 m is computed to exceed overburden pressure, with the exception of isolated points at 2680. 5 and 2678 m where Pb = I. 0 psi/ft.
  6. The Royal College of Physicians, for example, calculate that if present trends continue, the incidence of hip fracture will increase to an annual 94,000 by 2006.
  7. The stuck needles in me and wheeled me in and out of X-ray rooms peering inside for evidence of the impacted fracture they were sure I had.
  8. MONDAY: With the qualifying match against Poland imminent, England's World Cup aspirations are raised when Bryan Robson, out with a fracture in his leg for 10 days, is unexpectedly named in Manchester United's squad for Tuesday's Littlewoods Cup tie against Portsmouth.
  9. Another indicator of fracture containment capability is currently under examination.
  10. Sometimes quite large "solid" blocks break off from the flow, with the same kind of clean fracture, and then, since they are still very hot, continue to flow slightly!
  11. The conductance of the fracture system with the original fracture volume V,, now partially filled by crystallisation so that the fraction of V2 representing connected voids is , and with a fracture cementation exponent , saturated with the same Cw, will have a conductance
  12. Progation of a vertical fracture to the potential fracture height of 25 m (using the FTM criterion) would require a fracture pressure of 0.23 psi/ft higher than overburden i.e., 2000 psi above Pb or a total fracture initiation pressure of 11 080 psi (750 bars).
  13. When autotomy was first observed it was thought that the killer simply ripped off the tail by brute force, but closer study revealed that many lizards, especially geckos, have evolved special break-points in their tails - weak spots that fracture with great ease and make the sacrifice a simple matter.

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