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Перевод: fortress speek fortress



  1. Mr Izetbegovic said Serbian-based paramilitaries who overran the eastern town of Zvornik on Thursday were threatening to kill 3,000 Muslims sheltering in a fortress.
  2. The fortress commanded a view up the narrow valley of the Yucay River, as it wound past the ancient Inca town tucked in the crux of the mountains, before it became the turbulent Urubamba.
  3. Weary of his imprisonment and suffering from a deterioration in his health due to the conditions in the damp and miserable fortress in which he was confined, he could see no alternative.
  4. Medeghino was exiled from Milan to Lake Como for killing a man, and there he took over a castle on the natural fortress of the Sassoi di Musso near the village of Musso at the northern end of the lake, killing the castle's governor.
  5. There are numerous other things to see in Salzburg, among them Hohensalzburg Fortress, Cathedral Square, Palace of the Prince Archbishops and Mirabell Palace and gardens.
  6. El Cid leads his heavily-armed and mounted soldiers in a desperate foray from the besieged fortress of Valencia.
  7. A modern, cosmopolitan town dominated by its ancient kasbah, a huge Arab fortress overlooking the sea.
  8. Half-stunned, he struggled back aboard, to defend his ship like a fortress.
  9. It is going great guns with special lines, the Fortress Alarm and the upgraded, fancy number, the Citadel.
  10. The climb to the ruined fortress of Pisac above the red-roofed town soon left me breathless.
  11. The main tower of the fortress is nine storeys high and even today looks forbidding.
  12. While superficially this sounds sensible enough, other countries including the UK are concerned that it will reinforce the suspicion across the Atlantic and in Asia that the EC's main preoccupation is to build a fortress Europe from which all others are excluded.
  13. Ehrenberger Fortress, one of the largest forts in the Tyrol is just 15 kms away.

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