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Перевод: form speek form

форма ; внешний вид; очертание; экстерьер ; фигура ; вид ; образ ; разновидность ; формальность ; состояние; проформа ; готовность ; церемония ; порядок ; построение; общепринятая форма; этикет ; класс ; формат ; бланк ; анкета ; образец ; скамья ; парта ; нора ; модель ; печатная форма; опалубка ;
придавать форму; придавать вид; принимать форму; принимать вид; составлять; составляться; образовывать; формировать; образовываться; формироваться; создавать; вырабатывать; создаваться; тренировать; дисциплинировать; воспитывать; строиться [воен.]; формовать


  1. "I must tell you, this might mean surgery or some form of drugs"
  2. Try to stop incoming phone calls and prevent any other form of interruption if possible.
  3. Most of the detailed factual material learned in the sixth form is forgotten or superseded within a few years.
  4. He obviously enjoys the medium and, at times, it has proved to be a superior form of communication than the records themselves.
  5. In 2.3 five-cylinder form it stands at 19.247 (Quattro 22,125).
  6. Both poor and rich fen occur in the form of "schwingmoor" i.e. as a floating mat of vegetation over water.
  7. The finished string of a few hundred amino acids will, in a suitable liquid medium at a suitable temperature, fold up to form a three-dimensional globular structure, the active protein.
  8. By 1900 however, the birth rate was plunging as couples chose to have fewer children, just as improved health had also begun to have a marked impact; and it is the combination in the twentieth century of a now almost stagnant population of small families with a new fall in death rates which explains the striking rise of over-sixty-year-olds to form over 20 per cent of our population today and why, more than in any previous generation, such a high proportion of them are without children.
  9. If they have, follow the guidance given on the form.
  10. The first reaction of seeking cheap thrills in the form of elaborate dressing up (for him at least) and one night stands were perfectly normal acts of self-pity and desperation.
  11. Many mentions of mental handicap in the press stem from coverage in other media (new books, plays, films etc) and thus take the form of criticism.
  12. I. Lastly, if use-values which do embody surplus-value are used by unproductive workers they cannot be productive of further surplus-value, even though the material form makes them suitable as capital.
  13. Call John Girling on 081-;550 8822 for your free running vest, car sticker, sweatband and sponsor form.

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