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Перевод слова

Перевод: forensic speek forensic



  1. They found the jacket had been bleached - forensic laboratories could find no trace of blood.
  2. The second key piece of information was that Angela Morgan's car had been found in North Kensington, not far from her flat, and was now cordoned off and being crawled over inch by inch by a forensic team hastily dispatched by Davidson.
  3. The death of Dr Julius Grant brings to an end a life of determination and distinction, which progressed from a deserved reputation in paper chemistry to an international career in forensic science.
  4. Dalgliesh felt impatient for the arrival of the forensic biologist, although he knew he couldn't hope for the answer, not yet.
  5. Did McLeish want to come and see it, in situ , because they would have to move it when Forensic had finished?
  6. Although close to retirement, he still took an active part in teaching the University students, and the breadth of his knowledge embraced not only clinical forensic work, but also the most up-to-date laboratory tests.
  7. In September 1990 a Home Office review concluded that there was no forensic evidence against the six.
  8. He asked the forensic team leader for his views and the man shook his head.
  9. He found himself avoiding the street in which Francesca lived as he drove for North Kensington, calling ahead on his car phone to make sure that the forensic team was still there.
  10. The area was sealed off, sniffer dogs were called in to search for more explosives and the bags taken to the Metropolitan Police forensic science laboratory for examination.
  11. But in ran into determined opposition in the House of Lords - one senior Conservative described the Bill's provisions as "remote from reality", while a Law Lord described the proposed appeals procedure as "forensic myopia".
  12. In a famous sentence he says that " Person is a forensic term appropriating actions and their merit; and so belongs only to intelligent agents capable of a law, and happiness and misery."
  13. Forensic evidence to support or refute allegations proved the exception not the rule.

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