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Перевод: fold speek fold

овчарня ; загон для овец; кошара ; паства ; складка ; сгиб ; кольцо; фальц ; впадина ; падь ; извилины каньона; извилины ущелья; флексура ; створ (двери) ;
загонять; складывать; сложить; сгибать; перегибать; загибать; скрестить; завертывать; окутывать; обнимать; обхватывать; вымешивать; сбивать; фальцевать; дублировать


  1. Best believes Brady's return to the fold would enhance the prospects of Irish success in Italy, but the most gifted Irish footballer of his generation insisted last night that there was no question of him changing his mind and resuming his international career.
  2. The change in attitude was perhaps most clearly evident in Studies of Boy Life in Our Cities , where Urwick and his collaborators saw the boy neither "as an amusing playmate nor as a vagrant from the ecclesiastical fold, but as the product of a still imperfect educational system and the embryo of the citizen who would decide the destiny of a still inchoate democracy".
  3. Away in the distance, tucked between a fold in the surrounding hills, was home.
  4. The existence of the singularities at these points implies that the lines and in regions II and III act as "fold singularities" like those described in Section 8.2.
  5. SEAWEED is helping to slash the cost of a new generation of drugs by 1,000 fold, delegates were told yesterday.
  6. Remote from motorways and dual carriageways and the usual routes of tourists, the valley is hidden in a deep fold of the hills and has remained a sanctuary of rural peace unspoilt and unscathed by modern developments.
  7. At Skelwith Fold, THE OLD MANOR had a gallery over the front door, which was north-facing, and again, the woodwork is preserved within the house.
  8. THE MANY-GABLED limestone manor stands tucked into an open fold between Wenlock Edge and Aymestry in the remote and unspoiled Shropshire valley of Hope Dale.
  9. In all these solutions the space-time can only be extended uniquely up to the fold singularities in regions II and III and the surface in region IV on which .
  10. Thus, although the geodesic with approaches the "fold singularity" apparently at a finite distance from the curvature singularity in region IV, an arbitrarily close geodesic that is initially parallel to it in region II diverges from it and crosses into region IV before it reaches the hypersurface .
  11. "They get an idea, but when it comes to sticking with it, really working at it, they fold up."
  12. This clearly manifests the character of the fold singularity as described in the previous section.
  13. Some lifts have rails that can fold up at the bottom if space is tight or if a doorway is going to obstructed.

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