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Перевод слова

Перевод: flu speek flu



  1. "Yuppie Flu" is a term invented by the gutter press - the same people who dismiss Aids as a "Gay Plague".
  2. A flu vaccination can help to protect you from flu.
  3. Graf never blamed her upsets on family problems, flu, food poisoning, sinus trouble and a variety of other problems.
  4. I think I've got gastric flu.
  5. The symptoms of toxoplasmosis for healthy adults may be like mild flu, but often there are no symptoms.
  6. The only difference is that where the vaccine manufacturers use two strains of human flu viruses-one that grows well in hen's eggs and the other with the currently circulating strain of flu virus so as to get the right antigens - the object in the latest work is to obtain a non-disease causing flu virus that will grow in humans but will also protect against the particular strain of wild type flu that is in circulation.
  7. The Royal College of General Practitioners' research unit has designated the virus H3N2, English Flu, as having reached epidemic proportions, affecting more than 100 people in every 100,000.
  8. It will make the Black Death look like a mild dose of flu.
  9. To be serious, there will inevitably be those who go down with flu in the last week before the race, and those with lower leg pain which is genuinely becoming worse day by day, rather than better.
  10. Whose flu?.
  11. I had "flu" at the time, and perhaps that made me rather jaundiced.
  12. The flu strain reported this week to be hitting offices, factories and schools throughout Britain has been identified as A/Shanghai; the flu vaccine now available from doctors protects against it.
  13. "I think I've got flu."

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