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Перевод слова

Перевод: flirt speek flirt

кокетка ; вертихвостка ; взмах ; внезапный толчок;
флиртовать; кокетничать; заигрывать; притворяться заинтересованным; играть; шутить; быстро двигать; быстро двигаться; быстро махать


  1. By this, we mean our rights to innocently flirt with and fondle women.
  2. I've been in hurricanes on the Florida Keys and there's plenty of time to flirt around with fear.
  3. The lesson here is simple: don't flirt with trouble Aim away from the hazard and let your natural shape of shot leave you with a shot from the fairway.
  4. Is Klima, as the angry friend alleges on this occasion, a flirt, who goes from girl to girl?
  5. She closed her eyes in ecstasy as Jamie flung himself on her, accusing her of being a flirt.
  6. Mike, has there been extra pressure on you during the past year not to flirt at your radio station?"
  7. He would flirt with the girls who sold them to him and pretend they were a present for his mother.
  8. He, at least, kept his hands off the Girls but he did flirt with Nellie's young nieces whom he would take out on the quiet.
  9. The three characters are portrayed with vivid detail and lively humour: two sailors who flirt with a girl but find her more than a match for either of them.
  10. Telling him that our plans include both National and London Flirting Days, we described how the following Monday our group of sympathisers would be distributing badges bearing the slogan "I Flirt, Therefore I Am" at 20 London tube stations.
  11. There were opportunities to flirt with other passengers, moments when young American women returning from a long tour left mothers and aunts below deck, and, standing a few feet away from Edward, they stared out at the Atlantic.
  12. The play follows six women as they laugh and work, flirt and fight their way through a long hard year on the farm.
  13. Nick in Westminster called to publicise his social skills course in "How To Flirt For Friendship, Business Romance", and Anthony from Kensington called to say he had friends who were confused in the workplace.

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