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Перевод слова

Перевод: flight speek flight

полет ; марш лестницы; перелет ; расстояние перелета; расстояние полета; порыв ; рейс [авиа] ; быстрое течение; течение времени; пориомания ; подъем ; стая (птиц) ; выводок ; град ; залп ; звено самолетов; ряд барьеров; ряд шлюзов; лестничный марш; пролет лестницы; бегство; побег ; поспешное отступление; отступление;
совершать перелет; слетаться


  1. It is why butterflies warm up before flight, either by exposing their wings to the sun's heat or by generating heat internally by vibrating them; it is why lizards bask in the morning sun; and it is the explanation for the saying: "fast runs the ant as the mercury rises".
  2. Her Royal Highness travelled in an aircraft of The Queen's Flight.
  3. Surprisingly there is only one index-linked gilt unit trust; it is run by Guinness Flight.
  4. "I just did a couple of wild things for the videos: I covered myself with a hundred thousand bees for the Flight Of The Bumblebee and I also walked on hot coals!"
  5. Flight supplements vary between days of the week, departure and arrival times.
  6. By the time she reached the shorter flight of stairs on the half-landing, Frankie had retreated all the way to his room and closed the door behind him, leaving only the smallest gap through which he peered with one eye.
  7. The severity of jet-lag, however, is dependent upon the number of time zones crossed rather than the length of flight.
  8. The flight from mind in respect either of its intellectual or sensational aspects would be disastrous, but the currently fashionable flight from both leaves us with no world at all.
  9. Time and again the images have a distilled beauty: the simple two-shot before the battle in which Krishna explains to the warrior Arjuna that "Victory and defeat, pleasure and pain are all the same", the sight of the nagaswaram (the shawm-like musical instruments) echoing their peals to the skies, Karna's golden lance speeding through the air on its momentous flight to pierce the green-bellied Ghatotkatcha.
  10. Ideally, take another flight straight away so that you can master any difficulties you may have experienced on the first flight.
  11. After Children in Flight , parcels of food and clothing started arriving at Dovercourt.
  12. In getting the bombs to where they can be used, air crews are helped by extensions to their senses - infra-red vision, light amplification and radar for night flight - all of which rely on electronics.
  13. His Royal Highness travelled in an aircraft of The Queen's Flight.

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