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Перевод слова

Перевод: fleet speek fleet

быстрый; быстротечный; мелкий;
флот ; флотилия ; эскадра ; парк ;
быстро протекать; миновать; плыть по поверхности


  1. His fleet is said to have numbered more than 200 vessels and his army had grown even larger since leaving France.
  2. There are also buses at least 30 years old still being run, so it is likely to be decades before the fleet is replaced.
  3. Probably because it started the 1980s with a fleet of new 125mph HSTs which had made a major impact on its market, the East Coast main line was far better placed to withstand the rigours of the recession than its West Coast neighbour.
  4. Now an independent fleet consultant, he was made redundant by the company four years ago.
  5. Mr Yeltsin's deputy, Mr Alexander Rutskoy, gave a warning that, if Kiev pressed its claims on the fleet, Russia would re-examine the status of the Crimean peninsula where it is based.
  6. Environmental groups successfully appealed against the issue of the general permit, and in July 1987, won an injunction which cut short the salmon season for the drift-net fleet.
  7. I noticed his saying in a magazine interview that he could never have survived these past few years without the help of Fleet Street - and that struck me as an unusually candid confession for a politician.
  8. Each day the world's merchant shipping fleet, by one reliable estimate made in 1982, discards 639,000 plastic containers into the sea.
  9. This campaign suffered from the reduction of the river fleet from four to two thousand steamers between 1917 and 1921.
  10. Riverside conditions such as that, must have continued to exist for a very long time, for when the Romans arrived and established - about A.D.47 - a settlement astride the River Fleet where it ran into the north bank of the River Thames, the River Fleet was about two hundred yards wide at that junction.
  11. The task force was only made possible by cobbling together the remnants of the battle fleet, including the two last aircraft-carriers, Invincible and Hermes .
  12. With the latest "S" series, and other new models either recently introduced or about to be, Mercedes aims to head off the challenge posed by a stream of new models from an arch-rival that has stuck to its last, BMW, and the looming threat posed by a fleet of new Japanese luxury models.
  13. This prompted big airlines to dominate the nation's largest airports and then to devour the fleet of small carriers that became airborne soon after deregulation.

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