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Перевод слова

Перевод: flank speek flank

бок ; сторона ; бочок ; склон ; крыло; фланг ;
быть расположенным сбоку; быть расположенным на фланге; располагать сбоку; располагать на фланге; граничить; защищать фланг; прикрывать фланг; угрожать с фланга; фланкировать; примыкать


  1. Whose wide confusions flank desire with death.
  2. The Flank Companies of the 1st Guards (Grenadiers) certainly later reinforced the Coldstream and 3rd Guards but they were not part of the original garrison.
  3. Gunmetal-grey flank, big unblinking eye and the dark slash of a mouth, the fish looked what it was - a killing machine, more dangerous, in Trent's experience, than a shark.
  4. Well before 1880, Wesleyan Methodists had a thriving Sunday School and some form of regular public worship in the Strand-on-the-Green area, but due to the generosity of the Duke of Devonshire, a large site in Sutton Court Road was made available to the Methodists, who raised funds and built a substantial Hall in the centre of that site, opened in 1880 and used for Sunday School and public worship; followed, in 1902, by the erection of a Manse on the southern flank.
  5. The latter was at Jalo Oasis, in command of a motorized force that was to operate on the southern flank of the Eighth Army.
  6. McDonald's uses only the best cuts of prime forequarter and flank meat, which is probably leaner than the minced beef you will find in some butcher's shops.
  7. Rush's beautiful pass down the right flank sent Atkinson racing behind the Norwich defence.
  8. After that, Hill, feeding off a series of well-weighted, accurate passes from Richard Smith in midfield, continued to torment the Bolton defence with a series of penetrative runs down the flank.
  9. They feel they are creative enough to win, even without the injured John Barnes, whose place on the left flank will go to Chris Waddle with David Rocastle coming in on the right and Steve McMahon and Bryan Robson taking the middle.
  10. By the introduction of a 75 x 75mm (3 x 3in) square-section hollow steel post sited close to the centre of the room for the support of heavy timber trimmers, it was possible to construct a gallery which extends between the flank walls on modestly-sized 38 x 150mm (1-;1/2 x 6in) joists, carrying boards which give a platform 2m (6-;1/2ft) wide overlooking the larger part of the living-room.
  11. From this depression, the descent is continued down the Mallerstang flank, soon linking with Ais Gill coming down from Wild Boar Fell.
  12. Here we see the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers operating on the other flank of NATO with the ACE Mobile Force
  13. Toshack has wasted no time in putting his stamp on the side, moving the West German midfielder Bernd Schuster to libero, Michel from the right flank to central midfield, and giving the striker Emilio Butragueno a slightly withdrawn role.

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