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Перевод слова

Перевод: flame speek flame

пламя; яркий свет; пыл ; страсть ; предмет любви;
пылать; гореть; пламенеть; вспыхнуть; вспылить


  1. McMurdo never made the grade but like many Scots his early interest in the game ignited a flame of passion for football that has never been extinguished.
  2. Bored as he waits for the liquid to boil, eyed admiringly by his pint-sized partner, he plays with wooden spills, dipping them into the solution and passing them through the flame beneath.
  3. Because incense burns at an even rate and without flame, it is well suited for measuring the division of the religious day and for other purposes.
  4. She was amazed at herself, at the weird awful feeling of triumph which was consuming her body, licking up over her like a flame.
  5. Prices had been driven up 125 per cent since 1914 and the wave of nation-wide strikes and industrial unrest that had been coming to a head on the eve of the great conflict, burst into flame.
  6. The moth flies into the flame of her own accord.
  7. from the power of the flame.
  8. Since then only a few have carried the flame in Europe and India, but recently the worldwide growth of homopathy has started to look again at the LM potencies which Hahnemann describes, in a footnote to 270 as being " the most powerful and at the same time mildest in action i.e. as the most perfected ."
  9. It seemed to me that the Quirkes gloried in the poetry of paganism, but were not true pagans, eager to propitiate feared gods with flame and sacrifice.
  10. The study, which includes flame retardants, antioxidants, heat stabilisers, light stabilisers, colorants and blowing agents, forecasts an 18 per cent growth over the five year period with sales rising from 1200m in 1991 to 1300m in 1996.
  11. flying Than a burnt-out flame.
  12. Here were audio spaces that, in certain instances, bled around comers out of sight of their sources; sculptural/architectural spaces around and through which the viewer must travel; virtual spaces of onscreen worlds; visual spaces of Greenbergian flatness, for example in Susan Hiller's well-known Belshazzar's Feast (1983-;4), where images of flame move towards the purity of pixels (though she also devotes attention to the generation of images and gestalts from the eye itself); geographical spaces, notably in the move of Judith Goddard's environmental sculpture, Electron (1987), from Dartmoor indoors.
  13. Shadows fled into every corner of the poky little room as the flame flickered, shrank, a knife of burning air in the damp room.

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