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Перевод: fix speek fix

затруднительное положение; дилемма ; местоположение; взятка ; доза наркотика;
укреплять; закреплять; закрепить; устанавливать; назначать; определять; фиксировать; зафиксировать; вперить; договориться; устроиться; приводить в порядок; чинить; ремонтировать; исправлять; приготовить; вводить; внедрять; привлекать; останавливать; оседать; уладить; решать; получить поддержку; разделаться; расправиться; густеть; связывать; сгущать; твердеть; затвердевать; давать наркотики; точно определить местоположение


  1. SHe appreciated Dr Parmedes' art: it would have been easy to fix the physical changes, but he had possessed the patience and expertise to make those organs as responsive to stimulation as any natural ones.
  2. Last night in the cold and dark we failed to fix it properly again, and when I wake up there is snow all over us and our kit.
  3. Once subject areas have been decided upon, the librarian needs to fix precise boundaries for revision purposes.
  4. With hindsight, it is clear that, by joining the ERM in October 1990, Britain chose the wrong moment to fix the pound to the Deutschemark.
  5. Each is in the same, painful fix.
  6. A trip in a motorised open punt, with stripy red and white umbrellas at hand as shelter from the Belgian drizzle, is an enjoyable way to find your bearings, and at 2 for half an hour, offers a quick fix of what exactly hooks all these tourists.
  7. And not only the Xarits (or Charits, the Greek Graces) bend some solicitude over the unnamed revolutionary comrade, so does the poet - for indeed in 1930 Pound's desire for an authoritarian leader in politics was as ready to fix on Lenin as on Mussolini.
  8. But apart from establishing an annual committee empowered to fix the price of grapes each year, the Commission was an unimaginative and ineffective institution.
  9. Last Sunday I sat in a cold room with my daughter, the two of us reviling the malign fate which had robbed us of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, our weekly TV fix.
  10. After such a blow to belief in the government's honesty and in its all-seeing ability to fix things, the leap to anti-communist opposition was all the easier to make.
  11. Finally, the actor's gaze shifts across screen to fix imperiously on the audacious fluff.
  12. Jim'll fix Mathie
  13. Finishers fix lavatory tanks and fix and clean up frames, round quarter-lights. (e) electricians fit lamp fittings, switches etc.

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