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Перевод слова

Перевод: firework speek firework

фейерверк ; салют ; вспыльчивость ; блеск ума


  1. I can still remember the slapping of the leather belts against the pulleys and the almost firework display as sparks flew when steel was being shaped on a grindstone.
  2. The evening will end with a spectacular firework display over the Thames.
  3. She stood in a large yard with a glass of white wine in her hand and it spilt down the front of her red dress when she jumped at the banging noise of a firework.
  4. My mother told me once that on November the fifth someone in the audience had thrown a firework at the screen and the people in the film jumped.
  5. The sponsors' firework display, timed to start on the final whistle, went off early, and during the distraction Cammack scored.
  6. By following our guidelines and shopping list, you can create a border like this one, ending the season with a cracking display of firework colours
  7. In August, the main square, the dignified Plaza Porticada, is the setting for an international festival of drama and dance, culminating in a magnificent firework display.
  8. It just falls all over, all round me like a firework going off and floating down the sky.
  9. The three of them sat down and watched the fantastic firework display on the airfield that they had caused.
  10. At the rehearsals for the firework display which will end the gala, the noise monitors recorded 98 decibels.
  11. Hundreds of thousands of people poured into the streets to watch the firework display - a fact which, Mr Deng boasted, proves that "China's social order has returned to normal".
  12. The stumps were pitched at 12 o'clock after a firework display.
  13. This is the first time UEFA has banned a Dutch club, but two years ago the national team were ordered to replay a European Championship qualifying match behind closed doors after Cyprus's goalkeeper had been struck by a firework.

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