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Перевод слова

Перевод: fill speek fill

достаточное количество; сытость ; насыпь ; заполнение; роспись ; закрашивание; закраска ;
наливаться; наполнять; наполнить; объять; заполнять; напустить; наполняться; напускаться; закладывать; набить; пломбировать (зуб); насыщать; удовлетворять; назначать; занимать; вселяться; исполнять обязанности; выполнять; приготавливать лекарство; налиться; расписывать


  1. Fill in the form opposite with the same details as on the label.
  2. This baffled the doctors still further and they concluded that "Social attitudes are decidedly curious on the other side of the Atlantic: prohibition is a state institution but people drink their fill behind closed shutters; everyone prides himself on his virtue but women wear pessaries against conception."
  3. The Hatfield study found an uncritical expectation that returning women workers - women already make up a substantial part of small firm employment - would fill the gap left by young people.
  4. "I've got an hour or two to fill in before my train.
  5. The continents sit on shifting plates that form the outer crust of the Earth; and the oceans fill the spaces in between.
  6. If you'd like to be considered for selection, answer the following five questions clearly and concisely (please type double-spaced on A4 paper) and fill in the entry form below.
  7. Many's the time I've been about to introduce the top of the bill, when from behind the curtain the urgent whisper, "He's pissed - fill in while we sober him up," has stopped me in my tracks and left me out there telling gags for an hour or more while the star is force-fed black coffee.
  8. It is possibly the spaciousness of design that brings audiences again and again to Ashton's Symphonic Variations and Monotones , whose straighter and continuously moving lines require the dancers to draw them calmly and to fill the stage generously with movement.
  9. So don't hesitate - fill in the form and send it, with a full-length recent photo of yourself, to: Elancyl/SHE Cellulite Project, 72 Broadwick Street, London W1V 2BP.
  10. Without the pounds, boats in passage might have to wait while the locks above filled with water, before the lock through which it is passing can fill.
  11. Only a small amount of new tissue is required to fill the gap.
  12. If my car is adjusted to take unleaded, can I still fill up with leaded?
  13. This way of thinking is probably healthier than the one which sees evangelism as synonymous with an evangelistic crusade to fill up the existing churches' buildings, and make existing churches stronger.

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