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Перевод: figure speek figure

цифра ; цифровые данные; арифметика ; диаграмма ; рисунок ; чертеж ; фигура ; внешний вид; вид ; облик ; образ ; форма ; стан ; тело; стать ; личность ; изображение; очертание; иллюстрация ; картина ; статуя ; риторическая фигура; цена ; гороскоп ;
изображать (графически); представлять себе; считать; полагать; фигурировать; играть видную роль; украшать фигурами; обозначать цифрами; подсчитывать; исчислять; решать арифметические задачи; оценивать; выполнять фигуры; придавать форму


  1. In Buxtehude, despite the distribution of detailed information sheets with artists impressions of what residents' streets would look like after calming (Figure 6.51), opposition to the proposals was fierce and sustained, led by the unconvinced editor of the local newspaper.
  2. The effect was not uniform over all the potencies but showed peaks and troughs of activity, with some potencies showing more absorption than others (Figure 11).
  3. She would hide them beneath her underwear until she could figure out a better place.
  4. Figure 2 shows the undulator for this new facility, which lasted for the first time in January 1992.
  5. WHEN William Stukeley arrived in Stamford in 1729 to take up the living of All Saints' Church, he was already a well-known physician and public figure, and today he is still remembered as one of the father figures of British archaeology.
  6. A Thai bronze figure of the Walking Buddha, which had been catalogued as dating from the fourteenth or fifteenth century and estimated at 25,000-30,000, turned out to have been made within the last 150 years.
  7. Monday dawned to a nameless figure answering questions for a non-department whose head had been defeated in the election and now reigned in a spiritual fashion from the Lords.
  8. Now more clouds were being arranged and for a moment he could swear that a shrouded figure was distinguishable, arm outstretched, pointing, accusing, a lamentation of rage.
  9. One of the implications of the argument, which there is not space to develop here, is the suggestive qualification which is offered to that familiar figure of cinematic theory, the Symbolic Father - Nom du Pre , figure of the Law, administrator of knowledge and prohibition - by the determining centrality for television of the concepts of flow and nourishment and their symbolic association with the providing, mediating Mother.
  10. In that case, the most truly emblematic figure in the new Europe is actually Pope John Paul II and Gorbachev's visit to the Vatican last week was the new Canossa.
  11. Starting very gently, you increase both the speed and the sharpness of the turns as your confidence grows until you are flying a figure of eight course, still without letting the nose of the model point straight at you (Fig. 5.3).
  12. The structure for managing performance in educational institutions can be illustrated as shown in Figure 5.8.
  13. Almost as hard to credit, the figure for the number of nuclear explosions set off by the French in the Pacific since 1975 was said to be 52.

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