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Перевод слова

Перевод: fibre speek fibre

волокно; ворсинка ; фибра ; нить ; лыко; мочало; древесное волокно; боковой корень; склад характера


  1. Without this fibre, there can be a large fall in the blood sugar level, which causes hunger.
  2. Fibre is the unabsorbed part of the food, a type of complex carbohydrate found in plant cell walls.
  3. Both STC and Plessey are working on this technology, for use in submarine telephone fibre, but the current best bet for domestic cable is a wavelength of around 0.8 micrometres.
  4. But a snag is that the fibre requires an optoelectronic converter where the subscriber wants to plug into cable.
  5. Other foods that contain fibre - but are not as fibre-rich - are vegetables, pulses, fruit (eaten with the skin), nuts and dried fruits.
  6. Many people know they should be cutting down on fat and eating more fibre.
  7. Optical fibre is made of very thin glass, which is flexible and so transparent that it can transmit light with very little attenuation.
  8. Fibre optics, communications systems, integrated circuits and digital signal processing were all well represented and, strikingly, most of the research is aimed at practical applications.
  9. Bandwidth is also limited by the performance of the terminations at the end of the fibre.
  10. Significantly, the journalists who couldn't find time to come, were those Fleet Street hacks with famous names who write most noisily on the pros and cons of optic fibre for the cabling of Britain.
  11. In the infrared there are two wavelengths, at 3 and 6 , with extremely high water absorption, coupled with good transmission through fibre optics, and FELs open up the possibility of using a tunable laser operating in a pulsed mode in these regions, thus minimising tissue damage.
  12. I've used nothing but coconut fibre composts in my greenhouse this season and my results, with one notable exception, have been superb.
  13. From now, on the front of some foods you'll begin to see a blue triangle containing a statement such as "high fibre" or "reduced calorie" or "reduced fat".

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