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Перевод слова

Перевод: fertilizer speek fertilizer

удобрение; удобрительный тук; минеральное удобрение; оплодотворитель ; опылитель


  1. An occasional liquid fertilizer feed is recommended.
  2. These include stone aggregate and rock armour, cement, forest products, steel and fertilizer.
  3. To these lands below, the Himalayas are a seemingly endless source of water, fertilizer and much else besides.
  4. National Fertilizer Chemical , Saudi Arabia, part of Sabic, has started commercial production of compound and phosphate fertilisers.
  5. In per capita terms, world fertilizer use quintupled between 1950 and 1984, going from 5 kilograms to 26 and offsetting a one-third decline in grain area per person.
  6. Once they are removed, all that soil, like the fertilizer, has to go somewhere, and, often as not, it ends up in the watercourse, silting up the stream bed, eroding banks, and worsening flooding.
  7. Nevertheless basic slag is an artificially produced fertilizer, and its acceptance by organic farmers who reject "artificials", poses a dilemma.
  8. As land becomes scarce, farmers rely more on additional fertilizer to expand output, in effect substituting energy in the form of fertilizer for land in the production process.
  9. Then, every morning before the sun was up, Chola and Mina would take the mal in basketloads and spread it on the paddy fields as fertilizer.
  10. Starch from potatoes and acidic slag from steel-making - waste that used to end up in rivers or land-fill sites - are being combined to form a fertilizer rich in nitrogen.
  11. Traditional drainage has accelerated this problem in two ways: by promoting farming methods which require high levels of fertilizer, and by stripping out the buffer of vegetation between the riverside and the fields.
  12. Liming would reduce the acidity of lakes, and forests could be helped in the short term by adding fertilizer.
  13. One of the ways she helps the endangered ecosystem is by always throwing her left-over food on the land, and not in the rubbish bin because its nutrients are valuable as organic fertilizer.

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