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Перевод: fence speek fence

забор ; изгородь ; ограда ; загородка ; ограждение; штакетник ; фехтование; укрыватель краденого; скупщик краденого; малина [жарг.] ; направляющий угольник;
ограждать; огораживать; загораживать; фехтовать; уклоняться от прямого ответа; защищать; брать препятствие; запрещать охоту и рыбную ловлю; укрывать краденое; продавать краденое


  1. But this is so only where the fence etc. was erected with reference to the highway and would probably not apply where the fence was erected for some other reason ( A.G. v Beynon , 1969 2 All ER 263).
  2. Make sure that the horse is on his hocks, that he is balanced, in rhythm and with enough impulsion to jump the fence.
  3. Looking carefully both ways, he led Erika across the road, on to the gravel plaza, and peered through the metal fence.
  4. I put up an entirely illegal barbed wire fence.
  5. On arrival the patrol members find that two men have apparently just crashed a lorry through a fence and swum across the River Spree.
  6. The relaxed atmosphere of the sixth form was exploited to the full by Gedge and he made his first nave steps into a political arena, ones that ended at the school's perimeter fence.
  7. Called the Fence-fix, it is a metal coupler which can be used to fix rails or fence panels to 3in square posts.
  8. For example, one stop at the second fence and one at the third results in a total of 40 penalties (20 + 20), whereas two stops at the second obstacle gives a total of 60 penalties (20 + 40).
  9. Head half right (farmhouse ahead) to corner of fence, then proceed alongside fence on left to stile .
  10. The way this defence was used can be seen from the following submission, made by a defendant charged with the possession of a hacksaw blade with intent to do criminal damage to the perimeter fence of the US naval base at Brawdy:
  11. Go forward (not on the track of the farm) across (first) field to where the wall meets fence to the right of the farm and here take gate into second field.
  12. The warden of Galtres Forest had "the profits of pigs entering the forest during the fence month; to wit, one halfpenny from each pig".
  13. The following day the whole fence can be raked down from both sides to make it shed rain better, and the rakings piled on top.

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