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Перевод слова

Перевод: fault speek fault

недостаток ; проступок ; дефект ; изъян ; вина ; порок ; ошибка ; погрешность ; огрех ; промах ; неправильно поданный мяч; потеря следа; авария ; повреждение; неисправность ; разлом ; сброс ; сдвиг ;
придираться; ошибаться; допускать ошибки; образовать разрыв; образовать сброс


  1. One avenue for a claim is that you paid too much for the house, but remember that you say it is common knowledge that these houses suffer this fault.
  2. As a counterpoint to the dramatic formation of major fault lines and tectonic intrusions, which are major focuses for the occurrence of Earth Lights phenomena, the slow deposition of sedimentary rocks builds up the character of an area in its own way.
  3. If, after a minute, the circuit fails to work, some simple tests should locate the fault.
  4. It wasn't their fault, usually, that the firm was doing badly, but they had to carry the can.
  5. Of course, the same fault should then be laid at the sceptics' door.
  6. The fault element in section 20 has been further broadened by the decision in Mowatt (1968): there is no need to prove recklessness as to wounding or grievous bodily harm, so long as the court is satisfied that D was reckless as to some physical harm to some person, albeit of a minor character.
  7. Corunna's Civil Governor, Pilar Lledo, said: "There is evidence to show he is at fault."
  8. This situation becomes even worse when the inexperienced are expected to perform complex avionic fault finding and correction.
  9. Furthermore, any reduction in respect of contributory fault should only be made after the ex gratia payment has been subtracted from the total gross award.
  10. Kathleen Lavender started and, looking down at the spreading carpet of white beads, felt that it must be her fault.
  11. Somehow him telling that lie that turned out to be nearly true made him feel that it was his fault.
  12. I spoke to him afterwards and apologized for the crowd, as if it was my fault!
  13. Who was at fault?

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