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Перевод слова

Перевод: familiar speek familiar

близкий; интимный; хорошо знакомый; хорошо знающий; осведомленный; обычный; привычный; фамильярный; панибратский; бесцеремонный;
близкий друг


  1. More familiar in post-war years were the streamlined railcoaches, workhorses of the Blackpool fleet, which provided a six-minute service in the season.
  2. Round her shoulders was a crocheted shawl, and over her knees the familiar little cover made from knitted woollen squares.
  3. He returns to his familiar theme of the need to study issues in depth and to do all the necessary homework.
  4. The 20-ft-square Green Room is walled with dressing rooms full of Snow White, Prince Charming, the Narrator, the Gipsy Queen, Catsmeat - the Red Queen's familiar - and eight of the Seven Dwarfs.
  5. How familiar does that cry sound?
  6. Poems of the Past and the Present (1901, dated 1902) was more warmly received, partly because some of the Boer War poems - distinguished in one commentator's eyes for dwelling "not on the glory, but on the piteousness of the struggle" - were already familiar through the newspapers.
  7. IF I HAD to design a retreat for winter-weary travellers who want familiar hotels but in a different civilisation, I'd invent Marrakech.
  8. However, notation is simply a way of naming things and every field has its own specialised words and jargon, so the basic idea is really familiar to most people.
  9. He predicts that computers of the future will process knowledge, not numbers, using symbolic inferences, as in the familiar syllogism: all birds can fly; budgie is a bird; then budgie can fly.
  10. Memories of long waits in countless English corridors made it familiar.
  11. Another is the notion of effectiveness in the NHS which has no familiar bottom line measures of success for the businessman newcomer to authorities.
  12. In a similar fashion caffeine became a familiar component of all kinds of tonics and "health drinks", once it had been isolated from the coffee bean.
  13. On 30 June 1921 these elements coalesced and he suddenly saw that familiar landscape with new eyes.

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