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Перевод слова

Перевод: fake speek fake

подделка ; подлог ; фальшивка ; плутовство;
подделывать; фальсифицировать; фабриковать; мошенничать; обжуливать; прикидываться; укладывать канат в бухту


  1. What the Campaign is against is fake, poor quality imitation lagers being foisted on unsuspecting drinkers and passed off as being genuinely European or Australian.
  2. "It's very trendy to be a Native American these days, with all the films and fake jewellery, but I want to return to find my family and join the Bureau Of Indian Affairs.
  3. Is a Rembrandt etching produced from the artist's own plate, but after his death, a fake?
  5. Hilda Amiel, alleged to be the very godmother of fake art, has been arraigned for her part in what the US Attorney calls the "single largest worldwide source and distribution network of bogus prints".
  6. Art Market: Asian sculptures withdrawn from auction after tests reveal fake
  7. Huge amber clouds - "symbols of a high romance" - floated across a brilliant blue sky, and the sun went down dramatically with vertical shafts of crimson, fake flames behind the pine trees, the birds - many of them new to her - still shouting after dark.
  8. In North Yorkshire, a total of 35,000-worth of fake designer sportswear and computer games was seized.
  9. Classes are a relaxed, collaborative affair, with much time spent contemplating plans and frequent breaks to discuss the stock at a local wood supplier or how to fake a Stradivarius.
  10. Even then it appears to have caused something of a religious furore, being declared by some to be a fake and by others to be the true Shroud.
  12. It was not a fake.
  13. Fraud investigators say he posted hundreds of fake job applications last year, a few in Russian, a few in Turkish - anything to impress the big oil companies, some of which flew him to Riyadh and Aberdeen for interviews.

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