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Перевод слова

Перевод: fairy speek fairy

волшебный; сказочный; похожий на фею; воображаемый;
педик [сл.] ; пидор [сл.] ; гей ; фея ; волшебница ; эльф ; гомосексуалист ; гомик [сл.] ; голубой [сл.]


  1. Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams and fairy tales.
  2. "Nipples don't twinkle - you must have fallen asleep looking at the fairy lights on the Christmas tree," she scoffed.
  3. I am convinced that you must undertake that grand Fairy Topic - you will make something highly strange and original of it.
  4. Free wheeling hubs and Fairy overdrive fitted.
  5. Jacob's talk of blessing invites us to step out of the demon myth and fairy story, back into a land with which we have grown familiar, where human beings bump not into demons, but into God himself.
  6. Once through the gorge you are into the valley of Clapdale with its tourist trappings of grottoes, nature trails and Ingleborough Cave which Walter White, in his 1858 book, A Month in Yorkshire , referred to as a "Glittering Fairy Palace".
  7. Hire purchase indeed soon began to figure in the minds of bureau workers as the Wicked Fairy, as well as the Fairy Godmother, in the house.
  8. THREE of Oscar Wilde's most charming fairy tales can be seen today (Friday) at Farnham Maltings in Wilde Tales, a dramatic adaptation by Show of Hands theatre company.
  9. Arms flick to and fro as the Winter Fairy and the Stars of Ashton's Cinderella give the illusion of twinkling lights in the frosty air.
  10. From a cloud that hovered over the lake, a rainbow emerged, arching down to the water, suffusing it with fairy gold and mauve.
  11. It was the wedding of the century, the fairy tale that excited, fired and fascinated people all over the world.
  12. As a child she had not had time for many fairy stories and did not now know them to tell to her daughter again, but instead she showed her the pictures.
  13. It is in contrast to another leitmotif that marks the entrances of Carabosse, the wicked fairy.

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