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Перевод слова

Перевод: fabulous speek fabulous

легендарный; мифический; баснословный; потрясающий; невероятный; неправдоподобный; преувеличенный


  1. As a result, Poly Style Deep Care Perm leaves hair stronger and more resilient with a fabulous shine AND long-lasting body and curl!
  2. He was a fabulous steel guitar player, just fabulous, as good as anybody can be.
  3. Nothing beats real English strawberries, at their best now, all ruby red and with a fabulous flavour
  4. Another chance to win a fabulous Caribbean holiday with Guinness Original
  5. All those wins, plus being top of the US Money List for 133 days - it was a fabulous run and it is all faithfully recorded, providing on second reading a clue as to why Lyle is now having trouble hitting his hat.
  6. The sweeping lawns and garden lead right down to the lake, where there is a small private beach, and fabulous views of the Borromean Islands.
  7. It worked beautifully it was a fabulous sensation.
  8. "Highly amusing and interwoven with myriad characters, incidents, one-liners and tall stories to create a fabulous, funny and intelligent human patch work of a small Texas town."
  9. In the context of the Paganini, I would argue that minor imprecisions do little to interfere (much as I would dearly do without them) with the focal point of the work - it's raison d'tre, ie fabulous solo fiddle playing.
  10. "Fabulous," she agreed.
  11. She turned down The Fabulous Baker Boys , a film which made Michelle Pfeiffer an international superstar and an Oscar nominee, because "I felt it wasn't right for me".
  12. "Jay is a fabulous cook," said Francis loudly at one point.
  13. Thirty had been a party for fifty, and now had honed it down to a fabulous four.

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