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Перевод слова

Перевод: fabric speek fabric

матерчатый; тканый;
ткань ; материя ; материал ; структура ; строение; устройство; выделка ; изделие; фабрикат ; сооружение; здание; остов


  1. "Gluing fabric on walls was often a night-long business with the help of many pizzas and beers."
  2. For example it is possible to have a highly absorbent fabric but the fabric would have the strength of blotting paper.
  3. The church was acting on behalf of all, and had a prime obligation to push for a public morality which matched its perception of the natural law lest the very fabric of society be torn asunder and its members cast on the road of moral decline.
  4. The Long family continued to run the latter mill up to the end of the 19th century, hut by 1870 New Mills had been taken over and substantially reorganised by Tubbs and Lewis, who converted it to production of elasticated fabric.
  5. The consultants, appointed after the closure programme was ruled unlawful by the High Court last December, said the fabric of all ten pits was being preserved, as claimed by British Coal but disputed by mining unions.
  6. You can leave the fabric in place almost until you are ready to gather your crops as it is so light the plants just push it up as they grow.
  7. Fold fabric and pin on pattern pieces as shown in cutting diagram.
  8. The arrival of fibre fleece, a lightweight fabric, also sold in garden stores, has transformed vegetable growing in several ways.
  9. The roller blind, made up by Apollo, is in a blue and white stripe fabric from Christian Fischbacher.
  10. New from J B Corrie is the Garden Buggy which looks like a conventional wheelbarrow but has a strong woven polypropylene fabric pan over a rust resistant chassis and easy to manoeuvre polypropylene wheels and pvc tyres.
  11. The alliance is cemented by that traditional political religion, forged in the previous century, which sees the natural law as most accessible to true believers, that it is obligatory to enforce its practice by law, and that those holding other views only have rights to put their views into practice when they are not seen by the bishops to do harm to the social fabric.
  12. The dark cream also sets off the bright red roses well - had I chosen a white satin, card or fabric in a similar shade it would have been too bright and could have detracted from the frame.
  13. This spray-on waterproof contains a high percentage of silicone and is suitable for use on fabric, suede and leather.

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