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Перевод слова

Перевод: extremely

крайне; чрезвычайно; очень; бесконечно; в высшей степени


  1. It is undesirable because the patient is totally dependent on someone coming into the home from outside and of course it is extremely expensive in terms of nursing time.
  2. Comparison between studies is therefore difficult; although all make it clear that caring for a dementia sufferer can be extremely stressful.
  3. He stayed at the hospital until 1949, when a Bloomsbury House visitor reported: "He looks extremely well, but unshaven he is in an open ward and has quite a lot of freedom
  4. Around Chalamont the soil was very difficult to work (a 10 inch heavy loam over an impermeable clay layer) and compounded by an extremely high water table.
  5. All this is extremely odd.
  6. Cancer incidence: We consider the contribution "Looking for an increase in deaths from cancer" to be extremely poor.
  7. The perfect man the computer turned out would almost certainly be an extremely common old-age pensioner.
  8. The arrival of an American-style takeover market is not impossible, but it is extremely unlikely.
  9. Rules and regulations are firmly in place, however, and it is thought to be extremely unlikely that Mrs Marcos would make any serious attempt to return the body.
  10. He added: "We have a judicial system of which we have been extremely proud
  11. Under the skin, the same MacPherson strut front and semi-trailing arm rear suspension is found, albeit with revised spring rates, and even the G40 engine was seen in extremely limited numbers as part of a VW feasibility study back in 1987.
  12. From then on the proceedings became extremely sober; Jack stopped the boat and the "friendly" craft came alongside.
  13. When, for instance, the hero in a book or film sacrifices his life so that someone else may live, this is portrayed as extremely praiseworthy and is the subject-matter of much literature.

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