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Перевод: experience speek experience

опыт ; навык ; жизненный опыт; знания ; квалификация ; мастерство; опыт работы; стаж ; познания ; случай ; приключение; испытание; переживание;
испытывать; знать по опыту; убеждаться на опыте; изведать; чувствовать


  1. "It was a conversion experience," he says, "I had seen his carvings in a vague sort of way already Esterly was then a post-graduate student at Cambridge and surrounded by some of Gibbons' best work but I found myself looking at them there in St James's as if for the first time.
  2. The rather un-Byronic 30-year-old Dustin Hoffman must have had a similar experience on the morning of 22 December 1967 when he opened the newspapers.
  3. Which aspects of the learning experience have been most enjoyable and why?
  4. From experience comes knowledge.
  5. You learn to recognise them through experience; it's often an indefinable something that's lacking.
  6. Ex-hacker Stephen Gold says he remains "astounded at the arrogance" of the Law Commission for not drawing on the experience of others.
  7. He had a key role in the "leadership" theme - contrasting Tory experience in international affairs, particularly Europe, with the prospect of former CND supporter Neil Kinnock in Downing Street.
  8. In his theology - largely spoken: all his four books were printed addresses -he had begun to experience what John Hick describes as a "Copernican revolution".
  9. Even saying them, never mind introducing Brazil, I feel an extravagance, a showy greed for experience.
  10. If imprudence, ignorance or unskilfulness caused their debt, want of experience or the common unforeseen occurrences of life, they should frame their future plan of conduct on the principles of prudent care and deliberate circumspection.
  11. Suppose, for example, a group is given a task that is tightly defined and where the group has previous experience of similar talks, it is likely to succeed by operating at a formal stage level.
  12. the very existence of any examination at 16 (whether GCE, CSE or a unified examination or examination system) as opposed to a series of assessments at the right stage of development for the individual pupil is questionable because firstly sixteen has already ceased to be the date for leaving education for the majority of pupils, secondly employers look increasingly to school recommendations, college course experience, and examination expectations rather than evidence of "O" Level/CSE achievements , and thirdly the Universities and Higher Education look for and stipulate "A" Level achievements rather than "O" Level evidence.
  13. But Casaubon is not without insight in his idea that the committed experimental philosopher may come to think that all areas of human concern and experience are legitimate grist to his mill.

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