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Перевод слова

Перевод: expense speek expense

расход ; трата ; расходы ; расходование; издержки ; цена


  1. Because of the difficulty in isolating C. trachomatis , the time it takes to do so, and the expense involved, there are very few laboratories prepared to take on routine chlamydia isolation.
  2. SHEFFIELD United's remarkable climb up the First Division continued at the expense of Everton, who are moving just as rapidly in the opposite direction, writes Don Hardisty.
  3. It seems that Watkins's energies have gone into making sure he has got the details right at the expense of analysis.
  4. If only the population could just manage, by random drift, to get itself over the knife-edge, it could coast down the slope to the Tit for Tat side, and everyone would do much better at the banker's (or "nature's") expense.
  5. Until yesterday, these would have seen Barnes deployed on one flank with Rocastle's defensive awareness earning him a ninth cap at Waddle's expense on the other.
  6. Heavens above, if we're not ashamed of these unclean things, at least let's regret the expense."
  7. This not an invariable pattern for monographs, but readers can usually expect that the central figure of a book will receive prominence at the expense of any other artists.
  8. They may live far from their nearest bureau and the expense or lack of public transport may prevent them from coming.
  9. It would come predominantly from middle-aged, middle-class voters in the South and be chiefly at the expense of the Social and Liberal Democrats, Social Democrats and Greens.
  10. Until the early 1980s, the smallest sizes of practice increased proportionately at the expense of all other size groups.
  11. It also states that while Labour might achieve a modest reduction in unemployment through its job training schemes, it would be at the expense of higher inflation and a weaker current account, and would still leave unemployment stuck at just under three million for two years.
  12. A short painless time in the shop, a little expense and those old favourites will be back on the road again.
  13. However, this 200 had to take into account the expense of all the other public revenue services received by the client: the costs of the other services were deducted from the notional 200 and the residue could be used to buy in extra home support."

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