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Перевод слова

Перевод: exhibit speek exhibit

экспонат ; показ ; экспозиция ; вещественное доказательство;
показывать; проявлять качества; выставлять; выставляться; экспонировать на выставке; представлять вещественное доказательство; экспонировать


  1. If the more extreme versions of the criticism were true, immigrants to a country should exhibit suicide rates similar to that country, rather than to the country they came from (Sainsbury and Jenkins 1982).
  2. Politicians and diplomats frequently exhibit these characteristics when dealing with foreign affairs.
  3. The dogs stand in numerical order and the judge then looks at every exhibit and examines teeth and, in the case of dogs, testicles.
  4. On the contrary, the deep concern for things described as spiritual, which many of such people frequently exhibit, strengthens the contention that humanity as a whole needs a "god" and a religion.
  5. Anderjays Our Marcus won Best Exhibit at the 1988 Rottweiler Club at the Victoria Championship Show and went on to win runner-up in show at the 1988 Melbourne Royal Show.
  6. It is not invariably the case that Shetlanders who are selling land, will exhibit loyalty and give preference to other Shetlanders, especially if the other Shetlanders are not related.
  7. Even before the pathologist had finished at the scene and the head was wrapped, the hands mittened in their plastic bags, even before Doc Kynaston got to work with his scalpels, the corpse would be an exhibit, more important, more cumbersome and more difficult to preserve than other exhibits in the case, but still an exhibit, tagged, documented, dehumanized, invoking only interest, curiosity or disgust.
  8. There is a sort of club called "Natter and Noggin' where the artists exhibit pictures, and you can get cathedral tearoom sort of food.
  9. The songs exhibit change of pace, from disco shake to waltz, but it is difficult to marry the lyrics to the rhythm at which they are sung.
  10. They're not angst-ridden outsiders and they exhibit no signs of the burgeoning self-importance, self-pity and self-aggrandisement we became so used to during John Hughes' years as Tycoon of Teen.
  11. Such operations have the advantage of removing the pollutants entirely from the waste stream ie the compounds do not merely undergo a change of state within the environment - and can exhibit beneficial interactions with microorganisms ( eg the so-called powdered activated carbon (PACT) process, in which powdered carbon is added to activated sludge and "biological activated carbon", in which microorganisms extend the life of carbon filters before regeneration is required).
  12. A third approach was considered to exhibit the least disadvantages.
  13. One outstanding exhibit is the silver-gilt processional cross which was given by King Manuel I who had ordered the construction of Funchal Cathedral and under whose patronage Vasco da Gama discovered India.

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