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Перевод слова

Перевод: exhausted

изнуренный; истощенный; исчерпанный; обессиленный; измученный


  1. As for North, "he would either go to jail or be decorated", Secord used to say to Hakim; and McFarlane told him - as he sat jet-lagged and exhausted in his office the night after a gruelling Iranian session in Frankfurt - that "if the world only knew how many times you have kept a semblance of integrity and gumption to US policy, they would make you Secretary of State."
  2. Trent's self-control had been exhausted in holding down his fear.
  3. He looked absolutely exhausted.
  4. But it also left her economically and psychologically exhausted.
  5. I went to the top of Ludgate Hill and watched exhausted men being carried out of the Old Bailey, then down side streets to where the steeple of St Bride's church was tottering and the bells had gone crashing down minutes previously.
  6. Another would have forced fishing for whiting and saithe to stop in the North Sea when the haddock and cod quotas were exhausted.
  7. And then a great lurch and pit-pat pit-pat pat-pat-pat-pat-pat-pat-pat, racing until she wanted to hold it, rein it in, for this was surely worse, this would overtax the heart muscles, until it fell, exhausted, this was a race to death.
  8. As I will show later, the child may play off that side of you that is exhausted and wishes to take the "line of least resistance", against that part of you that wishes to make a stand on an important matter of principle.
  9. You only raise the potency when each one in turn has exhausted its usefulness.
  10. They saw his pinched white face with the ageless, exhausted blue eyes sunk in scoops of shadow like the holes in a skull.
  11. We were exhausted.
  12. Initially, following the release of "Meat Is Murder", Morrissey stated that he had exhausted the conventional format of pop interviews and didn't wish to involve himself any more.
  13. I was exhausted, no sleep last night, and very little the previous nights.

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