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Перевод слова

Перевод: evidence speek evidence

основание; улика ; данные ; признаки ; свидетельство; доказательство; очевидность ; свидетельское показание;
свидетельствовать; служить доказательством; доказывать


  1. Evidence that recognition of an event can survive a change of context when other forms of learning do not comes from a variety of studies of human memory.
  2. Under cross-examination he denied his evidence was tainted by any bitterness he held for British soldiers because he had been jailed in 1968 for five years in Manchester for assault.
  3. That they are vulnerable to such abuse is itself evidence of their inadequacy and weakness.
  4. The point is, however, that it was there and it was growing; and no ruler in the uncertain world of the 1530s could afford to ignore even limited evidence of its existence within his country.
  5. Regulation can after all be a matter of acting on positive or negative evidence, the adjustment of behaviour by reference to feedback information.
  6. All said he was of low intelligence, and as a trump card the defence brought in Professor Hans Eysenck to consider all the evidence.
  7. Marx, in particular, had already noted this fact in several places, but he explained the phenomenon of internal division as a transitional one; as evidence of a stage in which private property and individual families were coming in and undermining the communal descent group.
  8. We can believe that Roman justice had many advantages: but there is copious evidence that the prestige of the papal courts was not the sole nor the main motive of many litigants.
  9. The fact that in these experiments there is no evidence for differentiation may mean only that differentiation produces less powerful effects than does mediation.
  10. On the other side of the argument is the fact that over one-fourth of the respondent firms in the survey did not have an environmental scanning system in evidence, only 5% of the firms were using the most sophisticated environmental scanning system available (i.e. they have an environmental scanning unit which is tied to the planning process, utilizes computer data banks, involves most countries in which they operate and integrates environmental information on a worldwide basis), and 51% of the respondents still reported little or no computerization being used in the process.
  11. There was no evidence of this, but it is clear that old rivalries were used as an excuse for fights.
  12. Though these documents do not necessarily show evidence of cost-effectiveness thinking being employed in their production, they are the first sign that market forces are having an impact.
  13. A small cairn is the only evidence, making passports a waste of time.

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