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Перевод слова

Перевод: eventually

в конечном счете; в конце концов; со временем


  1. Eventually he gave it up, stood up and put on his hat.
  2. The cottage was damp and cold and eventually, the ladies drove over to Aberfeldy to complain.
  3. The owner pursues the dog and eventually catches him.
  4. The United Kingdom has now taken the first step towards European Monetary Union which is intended to lead eventually to a single European currency.
  5. To be sure, the characteristics of the transcendent self remain in play: to become what others saw him as being required great self-discipline "similar to spiritual exercises"; eventually he aspires to a classical stoic independence of spirit, a kind of sainthood (p. 146).
  6. He eventually settled in Paris and died at the early age of 45, in 1792.
  7. Eventually, in extremis , I poured the appropriate libations and: it worked - or seemed to.
  8. A head collar was eventually put on her in the chute, and when she threw her head up in anxiety a roustabout hit her on the face with a lump of wood "for being so stupid!"
  9. It could be argued that local authorities will gain immensely when the UDCs are eventually wound up.
  10. Eventually, this group would move to other parts of the ground to watch the match with wives and girl-friends.
  11. The player did eventually join the Peacocks, but under unusual and unforeseen circumstances.
  12. There are clearly - even just for music - a variety of options, and the school must eventually come down for one pattern of timing rather than another.
  13. The owners say that they are so new to the game that for the moment they are selling everything because they do not know what will eventually prove profitable.

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