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Перевод слова

Перевод: escape speek escape

бегство; побег ; избавление; уход от действительности; спасение; утечка ; выделение; истечение; выпуск ; выпускное отверстие; переход ; выход ; одичавшее культурное растение;
вырваться; бежать (из заключения); убежать; совершать побег; избегать; избежать опасности; спастись; спасаться; отделаться; избавиться; миновать; ускользать (о смысле); улетучиваться; вырываться; давать утечку; утечь


  1. Tap Esc for Escape, as quickly as possible.
  2. One civil servant, at least, managed to escape the net when Clive Ponting, a Ministry of Defence official who had leaked documents about apparent ministerial lies on the sinking of the Belgrano during the Falklands War, was acquitted by a jury when the case came to court.
  3. Tap Esc for Escape
  4. Tradition maintains that many of the Campbells warned Macdonalds in time for them to escape but it can not be denied that on that winter morning in Glencoe many of the Clan Campbell plumbed the depths of treachery and horror.
  5. She had been thinking a lot about the conversation she and Leila had had back at Lazar's, the talk of sky cities and escape.
  6. Most complicated and difficult to analyse were the religious motives, ranging from a direct yearning to follow in the footsteps of Christ to an opportunity to escape the pains of hell.
  7. Soccer: Luton prepare stage for annual escape act
  8. Encirclement of prey is a common strategy, as in wolf hunting, and the frantic victim finds it difficult to escape the group attack.
  9. He kept a set of bags packed inside the door of Downing Street, so he could escape at the earliest opportunity to the grouse moors or trout streams.
  10. Those who spend their lives looking for some practical escape from the ordinary world eventually have to accept the fact that there is no escape except through death or the imagination.
  11. Some of the Panamanians managed to escape with their weapons and spasmodic fighting continued in the area yesterday.
  12. Ballistics theory predicts that only deep-seated target rocks at ground zero would be accelerated to escape velocity; and all ground zero material would be melted to glass by the shock.
  13. They had argued like this until the plane touched down in Belgium: Tweed uncharacteristically negative; Paula positive and working out escape routes.

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