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Перевод слова

Перевод: erode speek erode

разъедать; разрушать (ткани); вытравлять; выветривать; размывать; эродировать


  1. It argues that free market mechanisms cannot resolve, or even erode, the North-South Divide and that positive national and regional planning is needed to ensure that it does not widen after 1993.
  2. Mr Cocks predicted that advocates would have to adapt their techniques in cases involving children and other vulnerable witnesses, but warned: "It would be disastrous for an excessive preoccupation with welfare to erode the defendant's rights and to undermine the role of his advocate."
  3. Deeply concerned at what she sees as a naive response to changes in the Warsaw Pact countries which could yet be reversed, Mrs Thatcher will seek a clear assurance from Mr Bush that any defence cuts will not erode the US military commmitment to Western Europe.
  4. She is to seek assurances that these will not erode the US military commitment to Western Europe.
  5. Changes in political form could do little to erode the power of the local aristocracy.
  6. Money is like a body of water; a pebble dropped in here, a sluice gate opened there, can send ripples or waves that erode coastlines or flood cities far away.
  7. The other side would be defeated by our success, would erode, one assumed, through envy: the model of our society would be supreme.
  8. courses for teachers and in schools, nevertheless sought to erode the "official" image by bringing entirely new faces into the D.E.S.
  9. They also reasoned that the costs of maintaining access to very large collections would erode funds available for new acquisitions.
  10. Both exacerbate the incentives to commit offences and erode the social controls which would otherwise encourage conformity (relative fearfulness of sanctions, perception of the justice of the system, involvement in conventional activities and relationships, etc.).
  11. The merit of separate qualified defences is that they focus the evidence and the legal argument, giving the jury (in contested cases) an opportunity to assess the defence, and giving the judge fairly precise guidance on the basis for sentencing: this might be thought to ensure that each defendant is dealt with more fairly, but the risk of confusing the jury in a contested case might tend to erode that protection.
  12. Second, he challenged the forecasts on electrification and said that competition from cars, the newly deregulated coaches and the airlines could all erode rail traffic.
  13. He had said that the Government needed to be "wary of providing incentives to obtain a particular benefit which can erode a sense of personal responsibility and adversely affect behaviour".

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