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Перевод слова

Перевод: enroll speek enroll

вносить в список; регистрировать; вербовать; записываться; вступать в члены; зачислять в армию; поступать на военную службу


  1. Emergency University classes on a small scale have been organised, and some 3,000 students are expected to enroll for the University for June next, but only a small proportion of the University buildings can be released by the Army.
  2. because the verderers ought not and are not able to enroll anything in their rolls except a presentment of the foresters, and the foresters presented nothing of the matters aforesaid.
  3. To enroll thee;
  4. Many trilobites could enroll when threatened, just like the living woodlouse some of them even evolved locking devices to make their enrollment really secure.
  5. The Open University is notable for being a nonresidential university, providing tuition by correspondence and though special television and radio progams; it is the only university that required no formal academic qualifications in order to enroll.
  6. Whole villages of the provinces of Moscow, Riazan, and Tambov left their work and flocked to Moscow to enroll.

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