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Перевод слова

Перевод: enlist speek enlist

поступать на военную службу; вербоваться; вербовать; вербовать на военную службу; завербоваться; заручаться; заручиться поддержкой; привлекать на свою сторону


  1. For these to be undertaken it is necessary to mount a separate "experimental" project, but since children are not white mice it is necessary first to enlist enough parental support to allow people to give them their children to experiment on, and enough official support to ensure that in matters such as official examinations, children who have followed radically different curricula do not suffer.
  2. The fallen angel Lucifer, having failed to defeat God in the great battle of heaven, saw his chance to enlist new recruits and continue his rebellion in the material universe.
  3. In Ajdabiya, too, the police intervened in civil wrongs only as a last resort: occasionally, for example, disputes over water-rights occurred between lineages, even sections of lineages, and one or other party would try to enlist the support of the police.
  4. Moscow has attempted, for example, to enlist Japanese help to develop Yakutia and Eastern Siberia with a view to exporting both LNG and coal.
  5. If you are dissatisfied with the results, don't hesitate to enlist the help of our representative, who will also advise you on which local customs need to be respected.
  6. Keynes was trying to create a consensus around public works and his adoption of protection in the autumn of 1930 was almost certainly an attempt to enlist the support of the growing tariff lobby.
  7. (A third brother, Lawrence, was too young to enlist).
  8. Philip had to enlist the aid of the police to get his ten shillings back before moving to another room in Victoria:
  9. Margot Knowles, the originator and co-ordinator of the We Care - With a Chair campaign, has written to many chief officers this summer to enlist your support in the campaign.
  10. POLICE will today enlist the help of champion trainer Martin Pipe as the hunt continues for racing's dopers.
  11. Mrs Rouncewell's younger son, George , runs away as a boy to enlist in the army.
  12. Cromwell commissioned Stephen Vaughan, one of the English envoys in the Low Countries, to seek out Tyndale and persuade him to return to England, hoping perhaps to enlist his pen in support of the new policies.
  13. A number of deaf men attempted to enlist for the Army, but many were rejected on grounds of deafness, including four who tried to enlist in one day at an enlisting station in Wales.

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