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Перевод слова

Перевод: enchantment speek enchantment

очарование; обаяние; колдовство; магия ; волшебство


  1. She can use the enchantment, rather than be overcome by it, because a critical, rational, intelligent, witty part of herself retains its distance.
  2. She, still thrilled with the beauty of the world, refused to go until at last, angered, her father used his powers of enchantment to put the giants into a deep sleep and turned his daughter Tamara in to a silver flowing stream.
  3. The outcome of this circuit is the creation of the world of art and its corresponding world of art criticism which, while claiming to inform, functions primarily to exclude, creating what Bourdieu calls "the enchantment of artistic contemplation".
  4. Of course, distance lends enchantment to the work of developers of the past.
  5. Else all will be lost; the Women will find us; your brother in his enchantment will call them."
  6. She could feel the enchantment in the words, the song from thirteen years back doubling with the fierce bewitchment of the moment - her eyes were dulling, the smell of the sea overcoming her, her mind sinking away as if into deep water.
  7. A city perceived in a moment's enchantment
  8. Richard's enchantment with girls sometimes raised echoes of anxiety in his parents.
  9. The Gantry had become so much more important, a house of enchantment and adult delights, not one of childhood pleasures.
  10. This, I must admit, became a bore in time but now nothing could spoil my enchantment.
  12. In Scotland the Fomors were a race of giants, also skilled in enchantment and cruel rulers.
  13. To look through one of these windows is instant enchantment, from the piles of golden, buttery croissants to the delightful fruit tarts, mahogany coloured chocolate cakes and delicate mignardises, all pleading to be taken home.

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