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Перевод слова

Перевод: empty speek empty

порожний; необитаемый; нежилой; пустой; без нагрузки; незаселенный; холостой; бессодержательный; пустопорожний; голодный;
порожняя тара; порожняк ;
опорожнять; опорожняться; осушать; выливать; вываливать; высып`ать; переливать; пересыпать; выкачивать; выпускать; освобождать; впадать; пустеть


  1. In his deep distress at seeing the empty bottle, the words of Paul the apostle came to him:
  2. The encouraging surprise on visiting most empty country houses is to find that their setting is largely unspoilt.
  3. Councils and housing associations will be allowed to lease or buy empty homes in order to provide accommodation for homeless people.
  4. On the broader issue of Britain's minimal success - despite two successive triumphs against the rankings in the Maureen Connolly Trophy, at the Queen's Club, London, and at Dallas - the captain spreads her hands, searching one empty base-line and then the other for the elusive answer.
  5. He classed their next three as "Okay - empty," "Okay - Unmemorable" and "Unmemorable - again."
  6. Lane had to relinquish his tenancy in 1885, the mill remaining empty until 1888.
  7. The funeral dance is part of that turning world which, like the remorselessly and vapidly revolving seasons of The Waste Land (or the circles of the London underground in "Burnt Norton") threatens to trap its inhabitants in a cycle which is, eventually, empty.
  8. If possible, choose a container which the man is able to put on and empty on his own.
  9. In addition, I no longer saw any of my old friends while I was up in London and my Hampstead flat felt rather empty without them.
  10. This faculty is supplemented by seven secondary factors: superposition or overlapping; comparative size in perspective; shadow projection; atmospheric perspective that blues and greys distant objects; height on the picture plane; filled and empty distance; and parallax of movement.
  11. There's all these buildings and streets out there, but it's like they're all empty - you know, like there's no one out there, just things.
  12. The River Chelt flowed to the south of the town, but during the great population explosion between 1800 and the mid-1820s (the population grew from 3,000 to over 20,000), the built up area gradually encroached on the empty fields and spread towards it.
  13. Yet while empty part of wall or canvas feels sloppy, unfinished, this is not the case with the glass.

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