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Перевод слова

Перевод: embarrass speek embarrass

смущать; приводить в замешательство; конфузить; затруднять; стеснять; запутывать; обременять


  1. All the sporting figures who appear on the programme - and they include most major stars - know they can trust Coleman and that he will not embarrass them.
  2. Given the propensity of Abu Nidal (whose real name is Sabri el-Banna) to embarrass the Palestine Liberation Organisation's chairman, Yasser Arafat, the statement - which was not typed on Abu Nidal's "Fatah Revolutionary Council" notepaper - appeared to be timed to coincide with the attampts of the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, to involve the Israelis in talks with pro-PLO Palestinians.
  3. The unions hope to embarrass Kenneth Clarke, Secretary of State for Health, with tomorrow's lobby and believe that many Tories at the conference back their call for an increased offer.
  4. Supporters of civil disobedience, notably a loose, unholy alliance of Scottish Nationalists and the Militant Tendency -both out to embarrass law-abiding Labour councils as much as the Government - are adamant that a mass non-payment resistance is being mobilised, particularly on Scotland's huge, outer-city housing estates.
  5. I won't embarrass the shop by naming names, but they had only two in stock, it turned out.
  6. The satirical phrase used to embarrass the "Action Men" is that they have the "John Wayne syndrome"; the fact it is Wayne rather than Rambo who is used to ridicule them gives a clue that it tends to be the older members of the force who use the term to describe the exuberant younger policemen.
  7. If I went in, he would insist on cutting my hair himself and embarrass me by telling those waiting that he could remember cutting my first curls.
  8. "Pray, who undressed you?" one wit inquired, hoping to embarrass her.
  9. I'll be at ringside, I'll embarrass him into fighting me.
  10. "The movement can always use secret information, to bring pressures to bear, to embarrass the authorities.
  11. He didn't want to embarrass the poor woman.
  12. The former prime minister's intervention was designed to embarrass Mr Major.
  13. It is a private body with no power other than to embarrass.

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