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Перевод слова

Перевод: elevate speek elevate

повышать; поднимать; возвышать; возвысить; облагораживать; улучшать; придавать угол возвышения


  1. Other factors independent of diabetes which may elevate HDL levels in a particular patient include moderate alcohol intake (Hulley et al, 1979), exercise (Hartung et al, 1980), ethnic origin (Pacy et al, 1985) and oestrogens (Bradley et al, 1978).
  2. Others, notably Mr Forster, have tried to elevate a personal aesthetic or mystique into a moral theory, and often it has wobbled over into sentimentality.
  3. At the time of going to press the arrangements for the consecration of these first black bishops of modern times are not yet complete, but it is rumoured that the Holy Father has expressed the wish to elevate all three distinguished sons of Africa to the plentitude of the priesthood with his own hands.
  4. His moments of inspiration did much to elevate the Stuttgart event, a relaxed affair apart from the odd obligatory outburst.
  5. It may even appear unfair to elevate such a document as the Guidance notes on the Code of Professional Conduct when it declares
  6. It's an anomaly that a) we want the parabear to descend safely and not too far distant, while b) we have to rely on a fair breeze to elevate the lifting kite and carry the droppable load.
  7. Evolution multiplies and defines but "does not necessarily elevate".
  8. If he wants to "elevate freedom of expression above freedom to hide from intellectual challenge, or even vulgar verbal abuse", then why should Muslims not elevate the obligation to defend Muhammad's honour above the liberal desire to prostitute his reputation?
  9. While there are some featherweight kites that will rise in calm air on thermal currents, or elevate when the flyer applies tension on the line by pulling as with the Eastern fighting kites, our concern is that there should be adequate wind strength.
  10. Let no one kid us into treating politicians as prophets whom we elevate and then abuse and then stone to death.
  11. I suppose what I'm really saying is that we should stop for a second each time we leap to elevate some young lad or lass to godlike status for a fifteen second guitar solo, and think about Paul McCartney penning Yesterday at age 23.
  12. Another source of future friction lies in the failure of the congress to elevate Mr Pozsgay above other presidium members, some of whom had never been elected to a top party position.
  13. Perhaps all I did was to elevate trivia into a principle.

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