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Перевод слова

Перевод: element speek element

элемент ; составная часть; небольшая часть; стихия ; основы ; азы ; секция ; след ; подразделение; звено; причастие; святые дары


  1. The number of neutrons within the atomic nucleus of an element can vary, producing isotopes , for example, graphite, charcoal and diamond are isotopes of carbon.
  2. Indeed, language itself inevitably introduced an element of permanence into a vanishing world.
  3. Fig. 3.2 (below) Skeletal element proportions expressed as proportions of the expected numbers for each element based on the minimum numbers of individuals (MNI).
  4. As defined by the House of Lords (rockers all), that meant music with a "strong rhythmic element and a reliance on electronic amplification" - ie, almost anything using a microphone.
  5. In Britain, the balance between public and private sector funding is five to one and individual rather than corporate benefactions form a "negligible" element of the private sector.
  6. This parallels the trampling experiment described above where the skulls were the first element to be broken.
  7. Tutorial Classes continued to be seen as the most important element in the WEA's programme and there had been some increase in their provision in recent years.
  8. A letter-quality printer uses a "daisy-wheel" printing element to produce documents which look as though they have been typed on an electronic typewriter.
  9. When ARA village committees wished to elect Russian priests as members, back came the objection, phrased in the usual official provincial style: "according to the laws of our constitution, the said element (ecclesiastical) is harmful to the younger generation, and by the principles of the Soviet government this element is deprived of all active or passive participation in our work."
  10. Third, in some cases the defendant acts instinctively in response to an unexpected situation, completely misjudging the proper reactions in the heat of the moment: this is a similar reason to the second, but adds the element of emotional disturbance, which may explain the over-reaction in certain cases.
  11. Yet there was always an element of complacency about an administration which enjoyed a substantial parliamentary majority.
  12. Deception was inadvertently assisted by the British Standards Institution in 1960, when they recommended that all records with a vertical element in the groove modulation should have the word "Stereo" on the label.
  13. It is only by stressing the element of play that the imposition of totalitarian meaning of any kind can be avoided.

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