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Перевод слова

Перевод: elaborate speek elaborate

детально разработанный; тщательно разработанный; тщательно сделанный; искусно сделанный; продуманный; сложный; выработанный; усовершенствованный;
детально разрабатывать; разрабатывать; тщательно разрабатывать; вдаваться в подробности; вырабатывать; дополнять; развивать


  1. Some of the precautions taken to secure the safety of the Royal Train in the 19th and early 20th centuries were quite elaborate.
  2. The final stages of creative eclecticism and the power of the office-block station marked the end of the elaborate experimentation with revivalist styles.
  3. And Lucy would like that, she described her itinerary over gazpacho, her beach clothes throughout a pasta salad, Jeremy's elaborate packing as she sipped brandy.
  4. Then there was the elaborate and explicitly imperial ceremonial that surrounded the monarch in life and in death.
  5. The diet is laid out in such a way that, starting on a Monday, the slightly more elaborate meals are at the weekend.
  6. Bronze moulds for elaborate axes of the late Bronze Age in Britain could only have been used in the lost-wax process.
  7. The children emerged from the elaborate wrought-iron school gates, which were red with rust-preventer but had never got around to being painted.
  8. Again as in The German Ideology we have an elaborate consideration of the growth of classes in ancient Rome and the differentiation between plebeians and patricians.
  9. The walls of the concourse were finished in New South Wales marble; the ticket office was constructed entirely in Tasmanian blackwood; and a feature of the booking hall was an elaborate gallery in stone and brick.
  10. This sort of imagery is amusing to elaborate but the argument derived from it can be dangerously simplistic.
  11. This is no elaborate, townie's re-creation, overburdened with fancy aesthetics, but a living, breathing original - a mixture of plants for use and beauty, like those that appealed to so many artists around the turn of the century.
  12. In all societies, from the most primitive to the most advanced, envy and its counterpart, the fear of being envied, give rise to a whole series of often elaborate systems of behaviour.
  13. Couples enter high-booted in an elaborate but genuinely traditional promenade.

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