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Перевод слова

Перевод: eke speek eke

также; тоже; к тому же;


  1. To finish the planting scheme, there are tiny species which can eke out an existence in a teaspoonful of soil.
  2. He still feels he could eke out a result without him.
  3. In the longer term the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees tried to help individual farmers to eke out an adequate living, encourage the organization of small farmers at the village level, and foster the growth of a farming structure better able to stand up to the rigours of occupation than the present one in which middlemen and large landowners dominated agriculture.
  4. Now by good Saint Loy - and eke by Saint Beth, Why ye lie here, boy, so barren of breath?
  5. However, they have consistently opted to eke out a living by temporary migration and wage labour rather than leaving in such numbers so as to exceed natural population growth, and thereby ease the pressure.
  6. The river banks were frequently lined with curious onlookers who struggle to eke out an existence in this harsh environment.
  7. Nationally, the largest number of homes in bad condition were owner-occupied, and probably reflect the difficulties that the retired home-owner faces today in trying to eke out a fixed income.
  8. Eke out the little pleasures.
  9. "The situation and the fertility of this bottom gave rise to reflections touching the present state of the labouring classes, who, in dungeon-like cellars, and bye allies, eke out a miserable existence, while with infinitely greater comfort to themselves, and honour and profit to the affluent, they might enjoy, in vast happiness, such peaceful and sequestered abodes as Gillerthwaite."
  10. Over a million people found themselves dependent on supplementary benefit to eke out an inadequate existence as regards food and drink, with inflation taking its toll of what was provided.
  11. Sharemarket, a new division of Manchester-based stockbrokers Gall Eke, runs a telephone execution-only service in shares and fixed interest securities.
  12. So desperate dealers are mixing the drug with heroin and cocaine to eke out their supplies.
  13. Matthew Paris says that he convicted innumerable monks and laymen, nobles and commoners, on a multitude of indictments for breaches of the Forest law, and, in order to enrich the king, imposed such heavy penalties on the offenders that many were flung into prison, many were despoiled of all their goods and were forced to eke out a bare existence in misery, and many others became exiles and wandering beggars.

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