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Перевод слова

Перевод: effort speek effort

усилие; напряжение; старание; попытка ; усилия ; натуга ; достижение


  1. One 109 closed with Watson who made no effort to evade, despite further calls from me.
  2. Despite the lack of wind, over the past hour a swell had built beyond the reef - a strange, almost oily swell that rose in long humps only to collapse back on itself as if exhausted by the effort.
  3. "The ones from World War Two supporting campaigns to raise money for the war effort, such as Spitfire Funds or Warship Weeks, are especially desirable, fetching 10 or 15," he says.
  4. AROMATHERAPY can do a little or a great deal for you, depending on how much effort you are prepared to put into safeguarding your health and increasing your vitality.
  5. Although there was not a deliberate effort to discriminate on the grounds of sex, it was clear that the opportunities for girls to take CDT or for boys to take home economics were severely limited by the way the curriculum was organised.
  6. Trent held him under the cold water, hoping he would make some effort to support himself.
  7. IBM, the leading US computer company, wants to become part of a Ecu3.3bn European effort to develop an indigenous semiconductor technology.
  8. Nor did we make much effort to match the potent appeal of Tory policies on privatisation and council house sales.
  9. "Most office staff want to project a smart, professional image for their companies, and a lot of effort goes into choosing good quality items that will last.
  10. It is suggested by Pederson-Krag that the workers' rivalry is stimulated in order to overcome their aversion to effort and resentment of the authority that makes their work life what it is.
  11. I watched through George's window as Filmer made great effort to go towards her with a smile, drawing attention away from the gaunt-faced man, who returned to the station.
  12. It was one of many Method exercises taught to help the actor to reach inside of himself, unleashing personal emotions in an effort to heighten realism.
  13. A probable example of the first of these man-made events was a primitive effort at cooperation to establish a right to exclusive use of an area by an individual or family.

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