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Перевод слова

Перевод: effect speek effect

результат ; следствие; цель ; намерение; содержание; действие; воздействие; влияние; осуществление; эффект ; впечатление; полезный эффект; сила ; производительность ;
осуществлять; совершать; выполнять; производить


  1. Puppy vaccination would then in effect also be compulsory, to the dog's benefit as well as to the veterinary surgeon's pocket.
  2. In effect, teachers become intervening variables in their own experiments.
  3. An accompanying physical effect may also occur.
  4. Churchill's return to power had an immediate and dramatic effect upon Anglo-American relations.
  5. That's fine, but you now know this will happen, and you know how to do it - just by carrying on with this Inch Loss Plan diet and the Maintenance Exercise Programme which will have the effect of continually improving your shape.
  6. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the effect of drying can supplement the use of a disinfectant and it is good practice to combine disinfection with drying.
  7. The effect of the former set of pressures can be seen first in the "fifties and especially in West Africa in a series of attempts, all politically inspired and none of them entirely successful, to introduce universal primary education - with all the over-extension of resources consequent on such a decision - and second in the popular pressures felt everywhere towards adopting a curricular content similar to that in "European schools".
  8. That will have a considerable effect.
  9. "We must make sure this does not have the same effect at Halifax tomorrow."
  10. The overall effect of this encounter was dramatic, because it was reassuring and put things in perspective.
  11. Amp In controls the level going into the Power Tool from the amp's speaker output, while Line Level is used when connecting outboard preamps or effect devices to the Power Tool.
  12. The shoulder torque has most effect on the arm of the player, the wrist torque on the club itself.
  13. However, even if governments were prepared to spend more of their gross national product on health-care facilities, while the incidence of complications from the sexually transmitted diseases might decline, no amount of money would have a significant effect on the prevalence of these diseases unless it could be used to alter people's attitudes and behaviour.

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